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One Man's Trash

One Man's Trash

Founder Anna Cottle began the onemanstrash journey after being sent to Whitechapel’s leather houses whilst working for London Fashion Week. She was instantly horrified at the mounds of scrap, and so began considering how this scrap could be salvaged...

Anna is a big fan of big earrings, but big earrings can be heavy. After discovering the fabulous fabrics destined for the bin, she realised using fabric over metal could be the solution – and onemanstrash was born.

onemanstrash uses only offcuts and scrap – from bags, coats, sofas and more - which are then transformed into funky little earrings with a happy healthy life ahead of them.

Upcylced Handmade Scandi Alpine Earrings
£14 - Click to Shop
Upcycled Handmade Cheese Plant Leather Ea
£10 - Click to Shop
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We think the whole idea behind One Man's Trash is brilliant. Anna takes scrap leather, which would otherwise be thrown away, and creates stunning upcycled designs in a range of different colours and shapes to suit all. What's not to love? Head over to her Etsy page to see all of her latest collections.

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