Thank you to everyone who has participated in one of our markets, both in person and online, and kindly taken the time to write us a review. We really appreciate all of your support! 

Artelier London

I was a seller at the LMM in early may. It was my first market after lockdown and it has set the score so high.


The location is amazing. The market space was very well organised and Olivia was so kind and supportive.


I really had a good day as a seller, and of course a shopper! <3

Arati, Artelier London

Edgy Threads

I have taken part in 2 LMM days at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, hosted by Olivia who organised the events and looked after us all with amazing patience, care and good humour.


I don't know the collective term for a group of small business stallholders but we were a very eclectic mix of personalities and experience and Olivia encouraged, complimented and organised with her special brand of enthusiasm and warmth.


I'm very much looking forward to my next day with the gang!

Sarah, Edgy Threads

Sourced by Holly

Such a lovely and friendly market to take part in.


Olivia made the whole process straightforward and easy, she was accommodating and approachable throughout.

Holly, Sourced by Holly

Studio AZ

As a seller I had an amazing experience at the market!


So well organised and managed, beautiful location and very spacious stalls.


I would definitely recommend trading with London Makers Market and encourage anyone to visit this well curated makers market at a beautiful venue.

Ada, Studio AZ

Bare Kind

The best market I have done to date.


It was so well organised, I knew all the logistics ahead of time and Olivia was so attentive on the day.


The venue at the ORNC in Greenwich was insane.


Looking forward to working with London Makers Market again :)

Lucy, Bare Kind

Crystal Palace Workshop

Thanks Olivia for hosting us at Old Royal Naval College!


Very professionally run from start to finish. Everything went smoothly, we felt well looked after and in the loop throughout.


Hopefully we'll do another one soon.

Amy & Matt, Crystal Palace Workshop


Olivia was a warm and committed host of what was my first virtual market!


She was extremely organised when it came to promotion and crafting a community feel within the group of 30 makers.


Would definitely recommend the London Maker's Market!

Martha, MINK

Studio Thirty Candles

I took part in the eco-conscious online market in 2021 and had a wonderful experience!


Olivia is a fantastic curator and organiser bringing together a great mix of small businesses. She is approachable, hands-on and made me feel comfortable in participating in my first online market.


LMM is a great community to be part of before, during and after the actual event and you have access to insightful and helpful resources to help you create content in the run up to the market.


I would definitely recommend LMM for small businesses to participate in to gain exposure, a new audience and potentially sales. I saw an increased engagement on my stories and also sales directly linked to the market weekend!

Selina, Studio Thirty


We took part in the London Makers Market at the Old Royal Naval College beginning of May and we had a very good experience. The location was amazing. 


Olivia is clear, organised, helpful and will always go beyond to accommodate everyone.


Very pleased with the overall experience so would highly recommend!

Constance, Relaxayvoo

Red Faces Prints

I've done 2 real life markets with Olivia & London Makers Market at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich and both have been really well organised and set out.


The footfall has been consistently good and generally a really worthwhile day out selling my wares and meeting new customers and fellow stallholders.


Thanks Olivia!

Sinead, Red Faces Prints

Cosmic Bloom Studios

Olivia’s organisation of the London Makers Market has been fantastic from start to finish.


As a ‘lockdown’ business, I've taken part in so many online markets and the communication of information and assets she shared in the run up the market was great.


Olivia created a real sense of community with the makers and was great at marketing before the event and she shared and engaged and went above and beyond!


The show and tell was great and it was a nice addition to the market which added extra interest and buzz.


I can’t wait to take part in future markets.

Gemma, Cosmic Bloom Studios


I was so glad to be able to take part in the second London Makers Market, Eco Conscious edition in March. The work that Olivia does to single handedly bring such an incredible community of creatives and makers together and shout about small businesses is amazing. She is so supportive, hardworking and is never too busy to offer a helping hand and some encouragement. I did my first ever online market with London Makers Market back in October 2020 and I couldn't have imagined a better, more successful and comfortable experience. With the resources and guidance provided you definitely feel prepared for market day. And my second time participating was no different. I would highly recommend this market to any maker, artist or designer who is looking to work with a friendly community and try their first market. It's always a rewarding experience that you come away from with new skills and new connections! Thank you for all the amazing work you do Olivia!

Yvette, Yvette Kissi

Labo Klay

I had a great time as a stall holder at The London Makers Market. The whole market experience is very well organised and informative, and there is a great sense of community with the other makers!


Olivia offers excellent advice, resources and lots of encouragement to all the stallholders, which really adds to the market experience. I saw increased engagement online, new followers on Instagram and sales!


I would definitely recommend this market to other small businesses and to shoppers looking for lovely, well curated handmade products.

Fami, Labo Klay

Studio Flea

I took part in the March 21 virtual market and the experience was well worth it! The sales I made over the weekend were far better than I expected and I also gained followers and really grew my social media accounts from the weekend.


Olivia was really supportive and encouraged all of the stall holders to push themselves and their businesses whilst giving tips on how to boost visibility online.


It was amazing to connect with the other makers and Olivia created a community which I'm sure will continue to support each other in the future. Thank you Olivia!

Georgie, Studio Flea

CraftFunk Co

I took part in the March Market, the Eco-Conscious Online Market which was truly amazing! Not only did I gained new customers, but I also got the chance to meet new makers.


Olivia is very hardworking, enthusiastic and supportive! She was encouraging before, during and after the event and she offered amazing resources and advice which helped a lot. I gained lots of exposure, new followers and customers, and made sales. I made new friends and I am really glad to take part in the market, would definitely do it again.


I highly recommend this market as a stall holder and a shopper! Overall it was an amazing experience. Thanks Olivia!

Gokce, CraftFunk


I had a lovely time selling with London Makers Market.


We had zoom sessions beforehand and a really interactive group message thread. This made the community feel really strong and there was a lot of support amongst makers.


The graphics Olivia supplied were great, for everyone to share similar content and giving me a good idea of appropriate things for the weekend.


It was a lot of work on both ends but it felt really positive!

Gini, Ginibeanifairy

Lottie & Jake

I took part in the Online Eco-Conscious London Makers Market as a virtual stallholder and the experience was absolutely phenomenal.


A couple of weeks before the event, Olivia brought us all together; we met virtually which really connected us all and Olivia created a really caring and tight knit community before, during and after the event.


Her enthusiasm, organisation and dedication went above and beyond. She provided us with lots of resources to create content for the lead up and during the event and was always on hand for any questions or for advice.


She promoted us all on social media and championed us all constantly and consistently over weeks - it's been amazing! I made sales, gained lots of exposure, new followers and made some lovely new friends.


I couldn't recommend the experience enough as a stall holder or a shopper - for a gorgeous curated event to find lots of amazing businesses and products.


Thank you Olivia!

Charlotte, Lottie & Jake

Stephanie Le Cocq Studios

This was my second online market, and it was such a well organised event.

Olivia is fantastic at building up the market, with tips and tricks for social media and is such a kind, generous person with her time. I felt really safe in her hands, as she curates the market to be really varied with a lot of talent in the mix.

The eco-conscious market was a lovely experience to take part in as it didn't feel regimented to be perfect, as us small businesses are still learning as we grow.

She encouraged us to do lives between the other makers, so I felt like I had actually made some connections without rivalry. Had a definite increase in followers and a good amount of sales, I would highly recommend! :)

Stephanie, Stephanie Le Cocq Studios

Leather Needle Thread

I took part in the March online market and had so many new followers and sales.


Olivia is so so dedicated and hands on and works really hard to build a community of makers.


Would recommend that any small craft business do this market to gain new audiences, exposure and sales.

Esther, Leather Needle Thread

The Soapy Co

London Makers Market is an absolute must for a small business!


Olivia is generous, kind and incredibly organised, and makes the experience seamless from beginning to end.


It provides great exposure and lots of sales for your brand and you get to meet other, wonderfully talented makers too!

Jamie, The Soapy Co

The Little Peace Company

We took part in the Eco-Conscious online market in March.


This was a fantastic online event where we not only made sales but met (virtually!) a wonderful group of makers.


Olivia is lovely and extremely helpful before, during and after the markets offering tips and advice to boost exposure/sales. Her efficiency and organisation skills are second to none.


All in all, a wonderful experience!

Katie and Linda, The Little Peace Company

Chill Your Beads

I recently took part in the London Makers Market, Eco-Conscious market.


Olivia was so lovely and helpful and it was really well organised. She provided me with lots of really useful material to rally lots of support for the market. Its helped me gain lots of exposure and lovely new followers for my brand. I also met lots of other lovely sellers!


I could not recommend it more highly.

Kitty, Chill Your Beads

adjo Jewellery chain necklaces

​I took part in the February market with LMM. It was my first ever market (virtually of course), and I was very nervous as I was also doing a live with Olivia during the weekend.


I 100% would recommend this market to everyone but also would love to be a part of LMM again!


Olivia was so helpful, supportive and gave so much guidance both before the market and during, she was great at giving us all the information we needed and went above and beyond with every little question!


On the live, it was so lovely to have her with me, she was really great at prompting me when I got a bit stuck and it was like talking to a friend! Enjoyed every minute of the experience.

Sarah, adjo Jewellery

ease london

I took part in the February market and Olivia was amazingly supportive.


It’s clear she is a champion of small businesses and really wanted to maximise exposure and sales for us all. She was super helpful, approachable and had endless enthusiasm.


Thank you Olivia!

Alice, ease london

Paper by Tom

I took part in the February 2021 Makers Market as a maker and was thrilled with the experience. This was my first online market and I was unsure as to how it might work but there was lots of advice, support, templates and resources to hand to help guide us through how best to engage our audiences.


A community feel was generated with the weekend's makers which helped to create a buzz and enthusiasm for the event which was helpfully facilitated by Olivia. The organisation of the event also started early which helped us to plan our activities and prepare for the weekend.


I've certainly gained experience and new approaches to continue to engage audiences and sell online moving forward.

Tom, Paper by Tom


I participate in London Markers Market in Feb 2021 as a maker. Olivia's pre-market organisation was second to none.


Having done a few virtual markets, this was best organised by far and had a focus at bringing together a community of sellers - much like an in-person event!


I saw a large amount of website traffic on the market days, as well as increased sales in the days following.

Tamsin, BakesterBox

Wycombe Chef's Table

We had great experience with London Makers Market.


Well organised event and Olivia showed 100% dedication to make it success for each and one of us!


We wishing London Makers Market a success!

Jules, Wycombe Chef's Table

Nina Capes Design

I showcased my products at the February London Makers Market and it was such a great experience.


Olivia exceeded expectations by being very organised, helpful and generous with her time prior to and during the event. She brought together an amazing group of makers, and having that community feel really made the whole event for me.


I also saw a big increase in sales and traction on social media, so I highly recommend this market to any small business trying to get their products out there!

Nina, Nina Capes Design

Thali & Tuk

I took part in the London Makers Market as a stall holder and I couldn't recommend it more.


Olivia was so helpful, organised and attentive and has done a wonderful job at creating a community that is encouraging and supportive. This was the first market I've been a part of (both offline / online) and it completely exceeded my expectations in both engagement and sales.


I've had my busiest weekend yet and would love to take part again in the future. Thanks Olivia!

Jen, Thali & Tuk

Carly's Candle Company

Olivia and the London's Makers Market is brilliant.


I was part of the Makers event at the end of February, and from the word go Olivia was fantastic, friendly, approachable and so professional.


The event itself was also great, and the community she built with the makers felt like you were really part of a team.

Carly, Carly's Candle ompany

Blue Barkes Jewellery

My first experience of doing an online market was with Olivia at London Makers Market. I cannot express how supportive Olivia was from the very beginning to even after the market had ended. She made me feel at ease with the whole process and especially whilst going live for the first time. She brought all 30 small businesses together and created a real sense of community amongst the group. Olivia organised Instagram groups and zoom calls to ensure we could engage and support one another - not to mention the amazing content she created with the use of my products, I couldn't ask for more! The market brought a lot of interest for me, I closed two bespoke commissions and other direct sales at my Etsy shop, from various customers in the UK and America! I would highly recommend taking part in this market. 

Blue, Blue Barkes Jewellery


I exhibited my products for the first time at a market and I could not be happier than doing this at the London Makers Market.


Olivia - the woman behind this market is an absolute rare gem. She did everything possible to promote the 30 makers involved to drive engagement and sales - and all this while being online!


I had more sales during the market weekend than I did the entire month for which I was very glad! Definitely recommend!!! 

Nadim, godi.

Candy Ward Ceramics

A really lovely market to take part in as a maker. Olivia does a great job at fostering a community between the makers and helping us build genuine connections with each other. Olivia is always on hand to give tips and tricks to a successful market weekend, and I have learnt new skills that I can use in the future!


I gained followers, sales and friends leading up to and on market weekend. I would highly recommend taking part in this market as a maker, as well as a shopper.


Olivia takes care to have a varied array of makers offering their products. Cant wait until we can do one IRL!

Candy, Candy Ward


Hands down the most dedicated market owner out there! Olivia is super nice and will do everything to promote you far and wide.


We took part in her first-ever Online Christmas Market and it was a HUGE success, in fact, it was the most successful market we've had so far. She was promoting our brand not only during the market but also for a week afterwards on her website.


Thank you so much for bringing together so many lovely small businesses and customers!

Stela & Mo, BeeHype

She Knits You Love

Olivia behind London Makers Market, absolutely blew my mind how supportive and hard working she is! From the beginning to the last minute (even after) she was always there with full of tips and variety resources to promote the event. The market experience was jolly good. I had more than +390% increased traffic on my website and of course sales. Meeting new artists and sellers were also extra special and fun.


If you are considering to trade with Olivia, London Makers Market I highly recommend.

Jamie, She Knits You Love

Floating Feather

What a wonderful experience and weekend!


Olivia is a very professional and hardworking market organiser, she has been very supportive and helpful and I've felt guided and helped all the way from beginning to end of this experience.


It felt like being part of a lovely community and I have even received a few orders and gained lots of followers! Truly recommended!

Marta, Floating Feather

Sugar Fix London

The London Makers Market resulted in our biggest sale through our website ever!


We had such a successful online market in terms of sales + exposure for our business and felt supported behind the scenes 24/7.


It was also so nice to feel a part of a little community of fellow makers, all supporting one another and sharing tips and tricks for success!

Evie & Hugo, Sugar Fix London

Little Danube

I've attended an online market in November 2020 and the way Olivia managed everything from end to end was absolutely impressive. The whole organisation and how makers and designers were kept informed, engaged the whole time was phenomenal.


Olivia has built a really good community and she takes really good care of it.

Katrina, Little Danube

Talia Designer Maker

It was obvious from the moment I signed up that Olivia cared about every stall owner as if they were her own brands.


The amount of support was incredible, it felt like a community and I would really recommend it to anyone thinking about selling with their own small business.

Talia, Talia Designer Maker

Create Space

I cannot praise Olivia and London Makers Market enough! The attention to detail and support shown throughout was amazing and I made more sales than I ever have in one weekend!


The sense of community was also so great for me, it was lovely to meet and connect with other fantastic makers!


I really hope I can work with London Makers Market again, hopefully IRL next time!

Evie, Create Space


A wonderful experience that was so good for us as a young and growing small business.


We met some amazing people, both in the form of other small businesses and new customers, and were super impressed with how well-organised the event was!


Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to expand their small business and meet great people.

Josh & Sophie, NUDITEA

Ali Makes It

Olivia was amazing at setting up the market & making sure to send all of us Makers useful tips, info & to-do lists which kept me very organised. I also loved how Olivia created a group chat so we could meet the other makers and have new connections.


Great exposure for ALI MAKES IT!

Alex, Ali Makes It


Thank you for doing an amazing job of running the London Makers Market last weekend. It has been such a wonderful experience getting to know you and other fellow makers. The sense of community was so lovely and the support and collaborative approach meant that it was a really enjoyable first virtual market experience which felt safe and encouraging whilst some of us navigated online marketing and new social media promotion and techniques.


I made lots of great sales and had lots of new followers too! I really appreciate all the attention to detail, time and hard work you put in to make this happen so thank you!

Claire, Clairebands


Mythyn took part in the latest online market organised by Olivia and I am so grateful to her for how well she organised the event, and the wonderful buzz she creates championing small businesses.


Highly recommended.

Mathilde, MYTHYN

Evergreen Soap Company

Such a brilliant online market - honestly couldn't be better! I was one of the sellers for the LMM 2020 Christmas market - Olivia was so helpful and well organised throughout and always more than happy to answer any questions that we had. It is our first year of trading and also our first online market experience.


Our sales from the weekend were great - we sold just under £1000 worth of products through LMM, and that included a 15% discount. Our site visits were up 200% from the previous week, so we really couldn't have asked for anything more! Thanks Olivia.


If anyone is thinking about doing this market - don't hesitate, you won't regret it!

Alastair, Evergreen Soap Company

Reve Candles

London Makers Market was such a great way to showcase my products to a vast audience. Olivia was absolutely amazing at hosting and organising this event.


Would recommend to all artists and makers to get involved. It was such an amazing experience, and the live auction was so much fun, can't wait for the next event :) thanks for having me.

Mel, Reve Candles

Felicity Royce Ceramic Bowl

As a maker participating in LMM I found it a fantastic experience. I met a great group of people who created such a inclusive, positive and exciting vibe I would do it again just for that!


A real plus in doing LMM, is the educational information that Olivia provides. She really encourages you try different ways to use social media, and gives you tips to read up on. I would recommend London Makers Market as a maker and as a customer.

Felicity, Felicity Royce Ceramics

Jessie Dickinson Design

Olivia is so incredible!


She worked super hard to promote the market, keep it running smoothly and include all the participants!


The website is easy to navigate, the other makers are so lovely to chat to and all the products are very unique.


I'll definitely be attending future events (be that as a maker or customer, virtual or physical)! Thank you LMM!

Jessie, Jessie Dickinson Design

Dottir Studio

LMM is a little gem of a market. Olivia is the mastermind of organisation.


Having participated in many markets, this one has been incredibly well planned, executed and supported. I learnt multiple new approaches and tricks from working with Olivia, who not only was super friendly and helpful but also professional.


Highly recommend this market as both a participant and a customer.

Jess, Dottir Studio

Faces in Resin

My first time doing a market (virtual or otherwise) and Olivia made the experience super fun and easy from start to finish. She answered any and all of my questions with no delay, created a group chat with all the makers and provided constant encouragement before and during the market weekend. It's unbelievable Olivia managed to offer such personalised care to all 30 of us stallholders as well as organising and promoting.


It's clear she has a passion for supporting and uplifting small businesses. Couldn't recommend LMM enough for market goers and participants. Thank you Olivia!

Natalie, Faces in Resin

TWW Prints

An extremely well run virtual market!! I was a maker for this market and Olivia went above and beyond with the planning to make sure we knew how things would work, how we could collaborate, how we could support other makers and how we could reach more people.


The two day event was full of content, interviews, raffles and much more! Olivia continued to promote us and the work we had done - building a great community on the build up to and during the event! I would fully recommend joining this market as a maker / artist! Enjoy!

Tom, TWW Prints

Rebecca Perfect - The Helpful Hustle

Olivia has worked so hard on the London Makers Market, going above and beyond every step of the way. She cares hugely about the community around this market and that shows in all of the prep work did with each and every maker. The market itself was fun and an innovative way for people to shop including a very successful auction and lots of great insta lives so that shoppers can get to really know the brilliant people behind the brands. In a time where shopping small has never been so important, The London Makers Market has given a brilliant platform for creative businesses to showcase their talents and provide keen shoppers an easy and effective way to get brilliant gifts or treats for themselves whilst supporting the all important small business community! Really excited about the next market in October!

Becks, Helpful Hustle

Art Star

It was such a brilliant experience taking part in the London Makers Market and I would say it was actually a real turning point for my new business. Not just in terms of sales and exposure but also through being a part of such a wonderfully supportive community of creative people!


I have nothing but good things to say about Olivia, her enthusiasm, organisation and generosity of spirit are what brought everyone together and what made this such a great market to be a part of.

Jo, Art Star

Mythical Canvas

Words can't describe how amazing Olivia has been throughout my experience with London Makers Market. She's been so supportive and helped build such an amazing community with all the makers and small businesses. Her passion and enthusiasm for each trader comes across so well too and I loved doing an Instagram Live with her.


During the market and following the market I have also seen a huge increase in website traffic and sales. I've loved being part of LMM and even now the market is finished I still feel part of the LMM community.


I highly recommend!

David, Mythical Canvas

Lunar James

Best virtual market! And one that I hope to attend in RL one day soon!


The lovely (and talented!) host Olivia really takes an interest in all makers and makes it her personal goal to make the market as well as the individual businesses as successful as possible.


Through intimate makers chats, committed sharing and shout outs of makers, and an authentic approach this is my number 1 favourite market.

Ari, Lunar James

Didi's Designs

Always a pleasure to trade with the London Makers Market. Olivia is putting so much work into organising quality events full of good vibes.


If you are looking for a feel good community event to take part in, this is the one. She made sure traders were supporting each other and always checked on us.


As a buyer you can be sure she picks the very best for you. Thank you again Olivia!

Diane, Didi's Design


Fantastic online market! Easy way to shop beautiful products and also support small business and amazing artists.


Olivia’s support and response are fast and clear, her IG posts and website are beautifully done. The market also gave us an opportunity to get more visibility and gain new lovely followers and customers. As a bonus, it is possible to continue shopping and enjoy some discounts the whole week after the market.


Thank you for organising such a great online market!


One Man's Trash

Pre-market, I was supplied with schedules, templates, experiences and ideas, to be as ready as possible on the day. Olivia was on hand at all times for questions, and very patient with queries leading up to the market. She was very approachable, and made me feel really valued. The day itself was very busy, and I thought the new auction element of it was a really fun and novel idea.


Overall a huge success for One Man’s Trash and a very grateful maker!

Anna, One Man's Trash

Alma Tipon Art

What a fab market it was! London Makers Market exceeded my expectations.


I believe Olivia should be a business coach because of her amazing organisational skills and leadership. Her support from preparation all the way to the market day was so great actually even a week later she was still promoting us. I have gained followers and sold few paintings from this event and I can’t thank enough Olivia for organising this market.


So what are you waiting for? If you’re a small business and want more exposure, fill that application form now! I promise you will have a great time while having that exposure you need and selling.

Alma, Alma Tipon Art

Bamber Prints

I loved taking part in London Makers Market! Olivia did such a great job at organising it all, she gave us constant support and it felt like a lovely community, which lasted more than just the market days. It was also my most successful sales weekend yet! I'd really like to take part again and would definitely recommend it to others.

I also wanted to share with you - I was checking my website stats the other day and the last time I did the market with you was the most views I've ever had on the website in a day! So wanted to say thanks so much and well done for advertising everything so well for us! :)

Catherine, Bamber Prints

Philippa Clegg Nude Artwork

Really well organised event showcasing a great community of creatives and helping to promote small businesses!


Could not recommend enough for all the support provided and exciting ideas such as the live auctions and chats with makers.


Thanks for everything!

Philippa, Philippa Clegg

Wilder and Wren Artwork

What a very special event to be involved in. Olivia’s attention to detail and attentiveness to her makers and artists was so impressive.


A fabulous, positive, professional online Market that’s just great for getting your work and brand out there!

Beth, Wilder & Wren