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Online Markets - how do they work?

We have had a few questions recently on how we host our virtual events.

Every market organiser has a different way of running things, so we thought we would quickly outline how our online markets work.

We believe that it is not just about the main event. We try to provide ongoing support to our makers during the weeks either side of the market too, offering useful tips on maximising sales and advice on creating engaging content. Forming a fun, supportive and friendly community is really important to us.

'I met a great group of people who created such an inclusive, positive and exciting vibe, I would do it again just for that!'

Felicity Royce Ceramics

Before the event

- At all of our online events we create a Market Directory on our website to showcase all of the businesses involved.

- There are a number of different categories to browse and each listing is a clickable link to shop directly with the individual brands.

- Some of the makers offer special discounts for a limited time only, using our universal discount code 'LMMONLINE'. This not only makes it easy for everyone to remember, but also allows us to promote one code for all of the different discount amounts.

- All of the creatives taking part (usually 30-40) are introduced via our Instagram page leading up to the market weekend. This allows customers to find out more about each business and the products on offer before the event takes place.

- There are usually a number of Featured Makers who we present on our website a week before the market kicks off, offering a little teaser into what's to come.

'I made lots of great sales and had lots of new followers too! I really appreciate all the attention to detail, time and hard work you put in to make this happen so thank you!'

Claire from Clairebands

During the event

- The makers set up a stall at home and introduce themselves via their Instagram pages, showing off their products and exclusive market items.

- We introduce all of the businesses involved through our Instagram stories on both days and run live sessions with the makers.

- Our Market Directory goes live at 11am on Saturday, and stays live for one whole week to allow visitors to easily find the brands and continue to shop even after the event has finished.

'Fantastic market and honoured to be a part of it. Olivia was amazing and very organised. So nice that there are ways for us to enjoy selling in today’s climate and to share the experience with so many.'

Chantelle from Knotsy Brighton

After the event

- The Market Directory stays live for one week and customers can continue to shop.

- Weekend orders are made up and sent out :)

'As a buyer you can be sure she picked the very best for you.'

Diane from Didi's Design

To read more of our reviews, please head to our TrustPilot page.

If you have any further questions about our events, please send us an email - and we will be happy to answer them.

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