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Live from 11am!

Our virtual Christmas event will go live at 11am tomorrow.

The Market Directory will showcase all of the 35 independent businesses taking part, with links to their individual shops.

Tune in to Instagram live on Saturday and Sunday to 'Meet the Makers' and join us at 2.30pm tomorrow for our live 'Show and Tell'.

MARKET DATES: This Saturday & Sunday

MARKET LOCATION: On Instagram and here.

MARKET TIMES: 11-3pm (our stories will be visible for 24 hours).

MARKET DIRECTORY, SHOP LINKS & CATEGORIES: Available from 11am tomorrow.

MARKET GIFT GUIDE: Gifts under £10, £20, £50 and £100. Subscribers, please check your inbox for the exclusive early access link.

MARKET DISCOUNTS: Use the universal code LMMONLINE (for a limited time only).

MARKET LIVES: Find out more from our makers and join the 'Show and Tell'.


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