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Artist Interview - Laura Beirne Interiors

Every Tuesday we post an interview to Instagram and Facebook from a different maker or creative about their work, their business and their future plans.

Scroll down to see what Laura Beirne has to say about her homewares and prints.

If you could sum up 'Laura Beirne Interiors' in three words, what would they be?

British. Handcrafted. Maximalist.

When did your business first start and what made you do it?

My Business started to evolve after graduating University in 2015. The inspiration came from working alongside traditional block printers out in India. I was inspired by India’s attachment to crafts being part of their cultural identity. I love how each print tells hidden stories about Indian culture through motifs and decorative patterns. Through this I launched my own homeware brand with my designs representing Britain with all its stories to be told, as well as animals and nature.

Where do you find inspiration?

My designs are all based on British culture and heritage. I like to have an emotive narrative within my work, designing around a connection, our surroundings and fuelling my designs with imagery that is part of British identity. English heritage is all around us, from walking down the streets of London, or visiting a seaside town, to the rolling hills of the countryside. My motivation will always be based around cultural identity and traditional methods of designing, as well as nature.

How are your products made from start to finish.

They start with original hand drawings as I believe in hand heart and head and I use traditional methods of designing and making celebrating the tools to make. 

Which digital platforms and programmes have helped shape your business?

During this time, Instagram has been such a beneficial platform to engage and advertise for free. I am able to communicate with clients and be more transparent with my business so that people understand my process.

What tips would you give for styling your home?

When picking your cushions, look for colours and patterns that will coordinate with a palette you already have. Dare to be bold and inject your space with depth, whilst using varied cushion shapes and sizes to create a less formal look. All my cushions are available in 5 different colour palettes to suit every interior scheme.

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to start their own business?

My top tip is to have confidence and throw away any fear. Also be patient as it can be a slow process. Start by sewing the seed and more opportunities and ideas will come. It is all a learning curb too so you will never know everything, but the key is doing it to discover more.

Any exciting plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to push the brand by creating more interior homeware products such as my upholstery and curtaining fabric range, and making it suitable for the commercial market. I would love to see my designs in hotels and restaurants. My absolute dream is to be a stocked in Liberty, so I may as well say it out load in case anyone is listening!

If you would like to save 10% off Laura's homeware products, please use code: HELLOLMM at checkout on her website.


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