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Going Live with Strykin!

What is Strykin? You might say...

'Strykin is a combination of QVC and Etsy. We want to let communicators showcase and interact with their audience in a super fun and natural way.' - Theo (Co-founder)

Strykin is a site that lets people buy whilst watching a live stream! It is a great chance for small businesses to demo their making processes and explain more about their products. Viewers can discover new makers, exclusive products, and take advantage of Strykin's easy shopping experience.

When are we going live with Strykin?

Saturday 24th October 10am - 11am

Sunday 25th October 8pm-9pm

Where are we going live?

On Instagram @londonmakersmarket

Who will be joining us live this weekend?

8 incredible makers! There will be jewellery, tea, stationery, natural bath and aromatherapy products, candles and homewares.



Below are some of the amazing products that our makers will be talking about and selling over the weekend.

Help us support these incredible businesses and shop small this Christmas! Hope you can join us this weekend...


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